Welcome to HackCamp: an immersive experience where a collective of inspired minds unite to learn, connect, and create. During this two-day adventure, you will have the chance to meet with industry-level professionals, attend a variety of design, development, and entrepreneurial workshops, and collaborate alongside a team of fellow hackers to craft and pitch your unique project. At nwPlus, we strive for inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility at the core of our community; no matter your background, skill set, or story, we are ecstatic to learn more about you, your vision, and the ideas you offer to build and grow the world we share. This is your great unknown — explore the resources at your fingertips, advance through new frontiers, and make your own mark in this vast cosmos of possibility.

Learn, Connect, Build!

Learn Day (Nov 18) - P.A. Woodward Instructional Resources Centre (IRC)
  • Tune into our workshops that explore design and development topics ranging from all different topics including introduction to Web Development, React.js, Python and Figma design. Skill levels will be specified beforehand and vary from beginner to intermediate.
  • Network with a diverse community of fellow hackers at various points of their hacking journey.
Build Day (Nov 19) - Student Life Building (LIFE) / Abdul Ladha (ALSC)
  • Attend the HackCamp 2023 Opening Ceremony and gather with the team you chose (max. 4 hackers), or link up with new friends through our Discord team-formation channel or at our in-person team formation session before the hacking period on November 19. Solo hackers are also welcome to participate!
  • Collaborate with your team to brainstorm a solution to a real-world problem or need, with a specific focus on this year’s theme of inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity.
  • Upload your hard work and pitch to HackCamp Portal by the hard deadline at 7:30 PM PST and commend yourself for a job well done! For each project submitted, HackCamp will pledge $10 to a charity of your choice (GiveWell's Top Charities Fund, British Columbia Centre for Ability Association, or Covenant House).


You'll need to record a video demonstration of your project (max 3 minutes)!

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD900 in prizes

Finalist Prizes (5)

Top 5 finalist prizes after peer judging!

AgentHub Sponsored Prize ($100 Amazon Gift Card to each team member)

- AgentHub is a no-code platform for automating tasks with AI. Automations built on AgentHub can be triggered via API and allow for LLMs to be quickly integrated as part of your hackathon projects
- AgentHub provides the tools to quickly build with AI but it's up to you to be creative and make something useful! They're excited to see what hackers can do with it and what you can do to improve the platform

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Peer Judging

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